Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Pain in the Neck, etc.

I already have a pain in the neck because of the accident I had last year, and the other one from the year before that. I have a pain in the shoulder from conducting and then having surgery. I have a pain in the ankle from having sprained my ankle at work 4 times in one year.

And now...The pain in the ankle and the shoulder is back.

I went to car car dealership to test drive a Mercedes. I know--what teacher can afford one. I was curious.

My salesperson gave me a handshake over the planter instead of waiting for me to get around it. I didn't know. I stepped on the edge of the planter--something that he knew was there. My foot slipped on the edge leading to an ankle sprain. Yes, my left ankle, the one that I sprained 4 times at work. The man pulled up on my arm to break my fall and wrenched my right arm. Yes, the one that I just had surgery on.

The doctor says I never would have been hurt if I hadn't had surgery and prior injuries.  I have to agree.

I give up. I'm never leaving my house again. I wonder how this works out with these being Work Comp injuries. I think I know of a lawyer...